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Environmentally Friendly Plastic Shipping Pallets & Crates

Eco Pallets are an Australian-based supplier of plastic pallets. Our plastic pallets can be used for transporting materials, just like normal shipping pallets, but have many advantages over cheap, mass produced, unhygienic wooden pallets that degrade over time. Among other advantages, our enviro pallets are immune to potential pest infestation and can outlast wooden pallets by up to 10 times.

Apart from plastic shipping pallets, our range includes spill containment pallets, industrial supplies, plastic bulk containers, personalised stencilling, transport and wrapping services. All our products are built to last and comply with all Australian standards.

In recent times, the pallet industry has become extremely competitive due to growth in international and domestic trade, coupled with the increased need for planning transportation, warehousing and materials handling across all levels of the supply chain. In response to this, our primary goal is to get you the right high quality Eco Pallets product at a reasonable price.

You can call us on 08 9353 3113, send an enquiry online, or simply take a look around our site and see why we truly are ‘More than just plastic pallets…’.