1162 x 1162 x 785mm

750L Capacity Foldable Crate

Tackling the challenge of hygiene and quality head-on, the ECO-OZCRATE 2 can help operations deliver fresh produce more effectively.


  • Australian Standard sized
  • 4-way forklift and pallet jack entry
  • Collapsible sides, minimising transport costs
  • Interlocking feet for easy and safe stacking
  • Spills and crates – Minimum order qty – 1 pc
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Australian standard sized collapsible
crate with 4 way forklift and pallet jack
access enabling efficent handling in limited spaces

side view of ECO OZCRATE Foldable Plastic Crate

Front View Of ECO OZCRATE 2 Foldable Plastic Crate from Eco Pallets

Strong, light and durable

Versatile solution to handle all types of cargo across a broad range of industries


Minimise transport and static
storage with a 3:1 folding ratio

Folded View of ECO OZCRATE 2 Collapsible Crate from Eco Pallets - fully collapsed

Stacked up view ECO OZCRATE 2 Foldable Plastic Crate from Eco Pallets - 8 high


The Eco-OzCrate 2 folds down to 299mm,
allowing up to 8 crates to fit into one pallet space

Space efficent

In facilities where space is an issue, the Eco-OzCrate 2 foldable crate is advantageous to other crates on the market.

stacked collapsible crates in 2 views: folded crates stacked. Open Ozcrate 2 stacked

The Eco-OzCrate 2 has an optional lid with interlocking features.

The lid is the perfect dust cover and the Eco-OzCrate’s are able to be stacked on top of each other when the foldable plastic crate lids are attached.

foldable crate optional interlocking lid top and bottom view - from Eco Pallets

Easy access, protection and ventilation are only three of the benefits this foldable crate model can offer:

  1. The easy-to-handle dropdown access gates ensure that, when time is in short supply, produce can be stored, organised and packed quickly.
  2. To counteract the issue of uneven road surfaces causing damage to produce, the Eco-OZCrates have curved edges.
  3. Removable vent covers on the other hand allow good air circulation even in 40° heat, a crucial factor for keeping products fresh during transport across the country.

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Additional information


Collapsible Bulk Container

Size +/- 5mm

Width: 1162mm
Length: 1162mm
Height: 785mm




Static: 3000kg
Dynamic: 1000kg
Racking (mesh): 500kg

Entry points

4 way fork lift
2 way pallet jack



Internal size +/- 5mm

Width: 1082mm
Length: 1082mm
Height: 640mm

Folded size +/- 5mm

Width: 1162mm
Length: 1162mm
Height: 299mm

Raw material

Made from a mixture of Virgin PP/HDPE


Minimum: -20
Maximum: 40*C

Access drop gates

Width: 589mm
Height: 294mm

Fork access height


Stacking recess


Racking locator recess

Both sides: 15mm

Other Options

Lids Available (Cost Extra)