Plastic Is Best For Shipping Pharmaceuticals

Plastic Is Best For Shipping Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry is stringently regulated, the overheads are very high and tolerance for failure is exceptionally low - it's a demanding industry and employing best practises are absolutely essential to succeed. As a procurement professional, warehouse manager, or company owner working in pharmaceuticals, you'll be committed to ensuring every standard is met. Plastic shipping pallets are an easy way to make sure your products get to their destinations safely and without contamination.

Eco Pallets produces high quality plastic solutions for materials handling. Our pallets, crates and other supplies are eco-friendly and come in a range of sizes and styles, and boast the ability to safely handle various load types and weights. What's more, we supply to multiple industries across the whole of Australia.

Ensuring sanitary standards

Our range of plastic shipping products are extremely easy to clean, and due to the smooth surfaces cannot harbour dangerous bacteria in the way that the porous surface of wood can. Sanitisation of wooden pallets can be a time consuming and expensive process, yet this sanitation is absolutely necessary for wooden pallet use in an industry that relies heavily on hygienic transportation methods.

As wood is naturally more prone to absorbing moisture and accommodating insects, plastic pallets meet the industry requirements for drugs and medicines far more efficiently. Our plastic pallets have no seams or joins - bacteria has nowhere to hide.

Reliable delivery of goods

The biggest risk to delivering your pharmaceutical products is via contaminated wooden pallets. As previously mentioned, wood is naturally absorptive, and where these pallets are exposed to the elements they are likely to absorb water. Not only does this present a bacterial breeding ground, but it also weakens the wood.

Wooden pallets are highly prone to breakage, meaning splinters or loose metal fasteners can damage your goods or your personnel. Our plastic pallets and containers are durable, and reduce the risk of product loss, damage or contamination significantly.

What can the pharmaceutical industry gain from plastic pallets?

Warehouse efficiency

Our plastic shipping products have a number of features that make them more efficient than wood. We offer an extensive range of plastic shipping pallets that each have unique characteristics. We can supply you with stackable or nestable pallets, with two or four way entry points, that can handle dynamic loads up to 2,000 kg.

The durable nature of the plastic means they are less likely to cause damage to workers, equipment, and even floors. These plastic pallets are lightweight and ideal for multiple-use applications, which means they last longer and reduce waste across the supply chain. Whatever your requirements are, we have a product to suit it.

Wood pallets have led to recalls before. Why risk it?

Product loss due to damage or contamination is a serious risk in the pharmaceutical industry. A recall is a huge cost and time consuming undertaking, and one that often results in your reputation taking a hit.

For companies using wooden pallets, this would mean a significant investment in fumigation protocols. Even then, there is no guarantee, as the use of the fungicide 2,4,6-tribromophenol in pallet fumigation has lead to recalls of pharmaceuticals in the past.

Eco Pallets is the way to go

Our range of plastic shipping products will save you time, hassle, and money. Your industry can't afford to cut corners when it comes to quality, so you should ensure you have the best possible product for your shipping needs. Whether you're supplying other Australian businesses or exporting to markets in Europe or China, our plastic solutions will live up to every expectation. Wherever your product needs to go, Eco Pallets can get you there.

Plastic is best for shipping pharmaceuticals

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